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Gymnasium France Prešeren Kranj (GFP secondary school)

Gymnasium France Prešeren is a secondary school, where students are able to choose between attending four different education programmes: gymnasium, athlete gymnasium, economic gymnasium and athlete economic gymnasium. All programmes end with a general final exam (matura).


Gymnasium France Prešeren is both in Slovenia and worldwide famed for having been attended by numerous outstanding Slovenian athletes. Currently a lot of promising young athletes are educated here, as well. The school was attended by the following Olympic medal winners: Primož Roglič, Peter Prevc, Žan Košir, Vesna Fabjan, Nika Križnar as well as by other incredible athletes, such as Anže Lanišek, Anamarija Lampič, Domen Prevc, Štefan Hadalin, Peter John Stevens and also by numerous former athletes becoming successful coaches.


The system which has been developed together with athletes is constantly being upgraded with students who have ambitions in different fields of life. Some of our students have become excellent artists, entrepreneurs, scientists, Michelin star winners. Our students are delighted to be surrounded by a permanent didactic art collection in our school halls, which is the first exhibition of this kind in Slovenia. Together with 40 different artists with more than 100 pieces of art there are also some students' works of art.


The knowledge gained at school, which is necessary to become a successful athlete, artist, scientist or entrepreneur is broadened by participating in international projects Erasmus +, eTwinning, MEPI, Deutsches Sprachdiplom (DSD) - German language certificate.


GFP has broken new ground in various fields in Slovenia. Modern teaching approaches – teaching within and across subjects, team work, learning to learn, online education, distance learning and other have been the mainstream at our school for a long time. We are proud of our work and especially our students. Not only are they successful at school but also in many other important fields. It is of great value to us that students gain high school education with enough knowledge, courage and ambition to develop their potentials further.